It’s not all about computers

Yeah, working on computers takes up a big chunk of my life.   Most of my time is spent looking at a screen, and punching buttons on the keyboard.    There is much more to MakeMagazineTeknobillyme though,  I enjoy cooking, going for long walks, working with wood, photography, and other things that I can try to squeak into my busy day.   However, there is something missing, a certain aspect of me is missing that I used to have in abundance, but has mostly withered away.

I like to make things.   Yeah I know my veggie burritos are awesome, but I mean I used to make things.    I have a Microcomputer Electronics Technician diploma with my name on it. I constructed a Z80 motherboard and a roving robot to earn that degree.  I used to spend hours with Lego, I used to enjoy to code programs for fun.   But that has all been withered away.   Even my wood working projects have taken a back seat as of late.

It’s time to take back the Maker in me.

You got me, I picked up a magazine and saw the glossy photos in there and pictured myself in the articles.    What a great magazine really to be able to convert me so quickly.   I actually went out and bought a subscription so I can share this rediscovery with my kids.

This does feed me though, it’s what I feel I need at this time as we go into the dark of winter.   Something to keep me going on into the nights.    I think my first project will be a simple drawing machine.     Something like a DIY Spirograph Machine.    I’ll let you know how it works out. 🙂

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