Three steps to build my online presence

Step 1: Start a blog
Step 2: Write articles for that blog
Step 3: Rinse and Repeat step 2

That’s all there is to it right? Ugh, then how come I feel so overwhelmed. is great for hosting my blog, as a technophile though, my ambition is to build an online empire that I control the strings to like a marionette. My ambition always gets in the way, to much dreaming and not enough doing. Sure I can setup a gitlab for my projects, but I really should get that project out the door first rather than worrying about what profile picture to put on my github profile.

All that and life tends to get in the way of any real progress. Kids have to get the schooling done, we need to sit for meals together, family needs to be visited, and Stranger Things 2 isn’t going to watch itself. Especially when my wife wants to sit with me to watch a show together, why would I say no to that. All work and no play makes Billy a dull boy.

I really appreciate this blog though. As long as I feel that I am contributing to it on a regular basis, then at least I’m producing something. My first project the Word Search tool is coming along well too. I’d like to make it available for November 11th, I’m afraid I’m not going to make that deadline though. So much to do before it goes out, like a nice profile picture.

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