War is over

If we want it!

For this year’s Remembrance Day, I have revisited some memories in the past.   20 some odd years ago, I was quite influenced by John Lennon’s call for peace.   I was a kid and war made little sense to me then.   Since then I have learned about hate, and oppression, greed and lust that makes the world go round.   War still makes little sense to me, and that is a condition of the privileged life that I’ve been granted.   Thank you Canada, and all the Canadians that fought for my right to denounce war and hate.

However, the war machine will toil on, with or without my consent.   I am comforted by the notion by the Peace tower.  Everyday our members of Parliament walk through or use the stairs in the Peace tower as a constant reminder about the cost of war and that we must ensure that there is no room for it if we are going to survive as a society.   Yet still be proactive about ensuring that we work with our neighbors and other nations  to ensure that message holds true for everyone.   Even if it means standing up to bullies on the world stage.   Diplomacy is everything, and violence begets violence.

So back to John Lennon, we the people have the power, we have the power to say, “War is over”,   if we want it.

Obviously that is easier said than done.   To begin we each need to live a life of peace.   To root out those parts of our lives that bring suffering to others, to live in sustainable way, and to stop putting up with the corporate control over our government, and our communities.  We need to demonstrate compassion, and give a hand to lift those up who are in trouble.

So this Remembrance Day, I will be reflecting on my choices, and how my actions play a role in how we all contribute to the state that we live in.   Where hate and xenophobia seem to be trending, and greed and lust seem to be leading us down the path we traveled before.  We said “Never again!”, and it takes more than words, we have to mean it, and live it, otherwise we’re destined to succumb to the horrors of war again.


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